The plot of the new play, of which ?utter defenceslessness? is the basis, is loosely based on the Strugatsky brothers? science-fiction novel of the same name.

?This is also where the uncompromising director got his idea of a God who watches his creation from a distance, just as we avert our eyes from society?s darker sides, such as human trafficking,? the festival organisers say. ?By creating a staged reality show featuring real people on a real stage in a real truck, Mundruczó raises a mirror to the audience: will they, god-like, keep watching from the sidelines? Or will they be moved to act??
The play features Roland Rába, Annamária Láng, Orsi Tóth, Zsolt Nagy, János Derzsi, László Katona, Gergely Bánki, Magdolna Diána Kiss, Kata Wéber and Rudolf Fricska. The set design and costumes are by Márton Ágh and the dramaturge is Viktória Petrányi.
Mundruczó ?made a lasting impression? at Kunstenfestivaldesarts last year with his play Frankenstein Project. The play was turned into a film, Tender Son ? The Frankenstein Project, which showed at this year?s Cannes Film Festival.
Source: Hungarian News Agency (MTI)