Art Market Budapest, launched last autumn, established a precedent for high-quality gallery work, said chief organiser Attila Ledényi. The fair also showed there is a high degree of interest in contemporary artists from Central and Eastern Europe, he added.
This year, the fair aims to fill a regional role, for which its venue, Budapest, is well sited, both because of its geographical position and for reasons of tradition, Ledényi said.
Art Market Budapest will take place in the capital?s Millenáris on October 27-30.
So far 25-30 Hungarian galleries and 8-10 foreign galleries have registered to participate, although the registration deadline has still not passed, Ledényi said. Talks with a further 10-20 foreign galleries are ongoing, he added.
The fair is expected to have about 50 stands.
Work by the region?s Roma artists will be in the spotlight at this year?s fair. It will also be the subject of roundtable talks with the participation of foreign experts.
Art Market Budapest is organised without any state subsidies. Entrance is free of charge to the public.
Art Market Budapest?s patrons, the art collector and former U.S. ambassador to Hungary Nancy G. Brinker, as well as Foreign Minister János Martonyi, are expected to raise the fair?s international profile, Ledényi said.
?A cultural ?explosion? is underway in the big cities of the world, and this requires a meeting between great artists and collectors. The Millenáris is a great place for this,? Brinker said.
Art Market Budapest has invited several internationally recognised art professionals to sit on its curatorium: advisor to Sotheby?s and Uniqua Soraya von Studenberg, Flash Art Magazine editor and Prague Biennale curator Nicola Trezzi, the director of Saint-Étienne?s Museum of Modern Art Lóránd Hegyi and director of Budapest?s Műcsarnok Gábor Gulyás.
Source: Hungarian News Agency (MTI)